Destination : Nepal - Kathmandu [27.7172° N, 85.3240° E] | Pokhara [28.2096° N, 83.9856° E]

Duration : 5N/6D [Kathmandu 3N + Pokhara 2N]

Attractions of Nepal Package Tour : Kathmandu City, Casino in Kathmandu, Thamel, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath, Swaymbhunath, Basantpur Durbar, Pokhra Ciry, Phewa Lake, Sarangkot, Mount Fishtail, Devil's Fall, Gupteshwar Cave, Seti River, Bindubasini Temple, Manakamana Temple, Cable Car Ride

Pickup & Drop : Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM) [Address: Ring Rd, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal, Phone: +977 1-4113033]

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Raxaul to Kathmandu by Road5 h 25 min (141.5 km) via Kulekhani - Sisneri - Pharping Road
Raxaul to Pokhara by Road6 h 45 min (262.4 km) via E - W Hwy/AH2 and Prithvi Hwy
Raxaul to Chitwan by Road3 h 44 min (133.3 km) via E - W Hwy/AH2
Pokhara to Kathmandu by Road5 h 51 min (204.4 km) via Prithvi Hwy
Kathmandu to Bhaktapur by Road39 min (15.7 km) via Ring Road and Araniko Highway
Kathmandu to Patan by Road23 min (7.1 km) via Putalisadak
Delhi to Kathmandu by Road19 h 58 min (1,125.2 km) via Agra - Lucknow Expy
Kolkata to Kathmandu by Flight638 km
Delhi to Kathmandu by Flight813 km
Mumbai to Kathmandu by Flight1590 km
Bangalore to Kathmandu by Flight1794 km
Chennai to Kathmandu by Flight1720 km

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2 Star Hotels in Kathmandu : Pleasure Home [Address: Thamel, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal / Phone: +977 1-4240734] / Similar

Pleasure Home, Kathmandu Booking
Hotel Pleasure Home, Kathmandu
Hotel Pleasure Home, Kathmandu, Nepal

3 Star Basic Hotels in Kathmandu : Hotel Vaishali [Address: Thamel Bhagawati Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal / Phone: +977 1-4700847] / Similar

Hotel Vaishali, Kathmandu Booking
Hotel Vaishali, Kathmandu
Hotel Vaishali, Kathmandu, Nepal

3 Star Deluxe Hotels in Kathmandu : Hotel Tibet International [Address: Boudha Rd, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal / Phone: +977 1-4488188] / Similar

Hotel Tibet International Booking
Hotel Tibet International, Kathmandu
Hotel Tibet International, Kathmandu, Nepal

3 Star Hotels in Pokhara : Hotel Romantica [Address: Hotel Romantica Pokhara 33700, Nepal, Pokhara, Nepal / Phone: +977 61-463539] / Similar

Hotel Romantica Booking
Hotel Romantica, Pokhara
Hotel Romantica, Pokhara, Nepal

3 Star Basic Hotels in Pokhara : Hotel Landmark [Address: Lakeside, Pokhara 33700, Nepal / Phone: +977 61-462908] / Similar

Hotel Landmark Booking
Hotel Landmark, Pokhara
Hotel Landmark, Pokhara, Nepal

3 Star Deluxe Hotels in Pokhara : Hotel Pokhara Grande [Address: Pardi Bazaar, Pokhara 33700, Nepal / Phone: +977 61-460210] / Similar

Hotel Pokhara Grande Booking
Hotel Pokhara Grande, Pokhara
Hotel Pokhara Grande, Pokhara, Nepal


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Q. What is Nepal known for?

Nepal is a landlocked country in Southern Asia, between the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and India. It contains eight of the world's 10 highest peaks, including Mount Everest.

Nepal is the only Hindu Kingdom in the world scattered with numerous Hindu Temples and Buddhist shrines all over. Lumbini in Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the apostle of peace and compassion. Nepal is also the land of Lord Pashupatinath, the holiest Hindu temple in the world. The overwhelming majority of the Nepalese population follows Hinduism. In this Nepal Package Tour we will take you to all this astonishing & amazing places.

Nepal is one of the very few countries in the world that can offer many varieties of adventure tourism. Nepal is the hub for Everest Expedition and Mountaineering Tour. Those who cannot withstand the sternness of mountain climbing can have the option to fly around the Mount Everest and have a close look of the top of the world.

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal is the best way to get proximity of the famous mountain peaks and remote mountain villages and lifestyle of its inhabitants far away from the modern civilization.

White Water River Rafting is another major adventure sports in Nepal and attracts a lot’s of rafters and adventure lover from all over the world. For wild life adventure lovers, Nepal also has many to offer with its eight National Parks, four Wildlife Reserves and two wildlife conservation.

Q. What is the best time to travel Nepal?

Nepal’s climate is consists of four major season like Spring (between March – May), Summer (between June – August), Autumn (between September – November) and Winter (between December – February) among which Autumn (late Sept to late Nov) is the best time for Nepal Tour. At this time the weather is very pleasant, clear and dry. It is neither too hot in day time nor too cold at night. This is the best time for trekking also and offers clear Mountain View to the visitor.

Monsoon in Nepal is very significant and plays a vital role in every Nepalese way of life. Generally Monsoon in Nepal starts in mid-June and stays till the last weeks of September. Monsoon in Nepal is not like typical monsoon of Asia. Rains usually occur during at night leaving the sky clean and clear by the morning making the Himalayan view even more dramatic and aesthetic.

During Monsoon, the fields come alive with rushing water and green shoots, and this can be a fascinating time to visit as the air is clean, flowers are in bloom, butterflies are everywhere and fresh fruit and vegetables are particularly abundant.

But some parts of the Nepal Himalayas like Manang, Dolpo and Mustang valley and are in rain-shadow areas as the mountains are high enough to block the clouds. In spite of that this valleys are mostly visited by Offbeat Travellers (mostly of them are foreigners) for their breath taking views.

Holidays in Nepal can be exiciting. Denzong Leisure is ISO Certified Nepal Tour Specialist. Denzong Leisure is certified Member of "NEPAL ASSOCIATION OF TOUR & TRAVEL AGENT" - NATTA. You can book Nepal Tour Packages from Delhi, Nepal Tour Packages from Mumbai, Kathmandu Nepal Tour Packages from Kolkata even Nepal Tour Packages from Chennai, Bangalore, Pune & Hyderabad also. Travel Nepal, it is one of the most travelled destinations among travellers around the world. Book your Nepal Tour Packages from Denzong Leisure and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this amazing country.

Q. Do Indians need Visa for Nepal Trip?

India and Nepal are in a friendly relation since long time. The Diplomatic relations between these two countries are also very strong and going stronger day by day. That is why according to 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship, citizens of India and Nepal can enter and exit both countries freely.
According to Bureau of Immigration, Indians travelling to/from Nepal by Air are required to carry at least one of the following documents:

A valid Indian Passport
Election ID card issued by the Election Commission of India
A Photo Identity Card issued by the Government of India
Identity Certificate issued by Embassy of India, Kathmandu
A Valid Driving Licence with Photo

Q. Can I get Nepal Visa on arrival?

Yes! you can avail on arrival Nepal visa also. Upon arrival in Kathmandu or at the Nepal border you need to complete the application form, provide the USD ($25 for a 15-day multiple entry visa) and two Passport Photographs.

Q. What about the ATM facilities in Nepal?

You can find lots of ATM's during Kathmandu Tour and Pokhara Tour. Most popular cards accepted in Nepal are VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. Both Debit and Credit Cards are accepted here so that you can complete your Nepal Tour without any concern.

Q. What are the essential documents need to carry for Nepal Trip?

While travelling Nepal, you always need to carry your original Passport, Visa, Travel Insurance and if possible a Map for Nepal Tour.

Q. Is Nepal safe to travel alone?

Travelling solo in Nepal is absolutely safe and easy! Nepal is considered as one of the safe country to travel alone. Though some precautions are needed for solo women traveller.

Q. What are the best things to eat and drink during Nepal Package Tour

Nepali foods are unique to taste and has lots more nutritional value as it is prepared with locally available vegetables, cereals, and spices. That is why adulteration in Nepali ethnic food is impossible. Nepali food is very much hygienic, delicious and easy to cook. So don't miss trying exclusive Nepali cuisine during your Nepal Tour Package. Here are some famous Nepali foods worth mentioning — Daal Bhat Tarkari / Momo / Kwati (Mixed bean soup) / Samay Baji / Chatamari / Yomari / Aloo Tama / Kheer(Rice Pudding) etc.

Do's & Don'ts for Nepal Tour :

Use both of your hands when giving or receiving something, even money. It’s a gesture of respect

Do not touch anything with your feet during your Nepal Tour. This is considered an offence among Nepalese

In Nepal, women, do not normally shakes hands when they greet one another, a prayer-like gesture known "Namaste" greeting is preferable

Eating beef in front of Hindus & Buddhist is strictly prohibited

Remember to remove your shoes when entering a home, temple or monastery and avoid smoking. Wearing scant dress in religious places. Women should especially avoid dressing in skimpy outfits

Do walk around stupas clockwise, so that the outer walls are always on your right. If you encounter a stone wall covered with Tibetan inscriptions, do the same: Walk past with the wall on your right (and don’t take any of the stones)

Raising your voice or shouting is seen as extremely bad manners in Nepal and will only make any problem worse

Do get a receipt of authenticity when purchasing an antique replica, otherwise, you will not be allowed to take it out of the country

Don’t take photographs of locals, holy shrines & temples unless they have clearly given their consent. Take photographs only after receiving permission for the object or person being photographed

Indian currency is accepted in few places, but avoid 500/1000 rupee notes

Most of the credit & debit cards have clear written in the back side that "not accepted in Nepal & Bhutan" so please do not depend on credit / debit cards

Please carry your essential medicines as most of the medicines are not available in Nepal

Please verify license before taking any guide

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